Sunday, May 16, 2010

'ello cheerio

i'm back holmes.  after a short leave of absence - unannounced might i add.

in a nutshell - these past few weeks have been a bit heavy for me.  in between workandschoolandworkandschool, i came up for breaths. a break is good for everyone i think.

anyway - work and school wasn't really the only thing going on - who am i kidding.  for one there was catalina island and long beach
where these two got engaged
and this is wes just trying to recreate a scene from the gladiator (wes being the photographer me being gladiator) :)  

i can't believe i took this long to update.  its not even worth posting my new hair since it's grown and faded so much already.  plus we sold our 50D camera (kept the lense though) and are waiting for the T2i to arrive.  we're not professional photographers (i know it's hard to believe) and wanted something lighter but with the same capabilities.  so we've been lagging in image dept. 

but i will share this great seating idea i found one of the selby shoots: 

i mean i know our place is a rental - but we've already painted walls and such - what's a couple of holes in the ceiling. 

and school?  well - it's been great - but i'm getting the "ready to test out" fever - even though i'm not even ready for it.  

finally there was last night.  i had the privilege to help ms karina douglas out with her spring fashion show, doing hair and make up for her models.  hopefully the photographer (whoever she is) will post those pics somewhere so i'll have them for reference.  i think i really like doing this stuff a lot.

anyway - thanks for checking in dears!  i know it's been a while.  and sorry for the diary-type writing - i feel so out of practice.  



  1. ok. first of all, stop selling your stuff!!!!
    debt sucks, but hey, just pay it a little by little, quit being such a virgo! :)
    i'm actually a little mad at you for selling your 50d... i was very envious of it.
    actually, wish i could get one still.
    i will get one.
    ok, at least you kept the lens. so no regrets, whats done is done! but seirously, don't sell anything else. or i'll kill you.
    i guess i should have just written you an email...
    anyway, your place looks really cool! love the piano too!

  2. aw liska - someone of your photography caliber would be mad - SHOULD be mad, haha. but i'll be able to take pics just as good with a lighter version :-) it wasn't just for the debt (bless its heart) as it was more after testing out the one we bought - and a long long pros and cons conversation.

    and i super wish that pic of the living room was our living space - it's actually a photo of inspiration off the selby. our little home is prolly an eighth of that room haha.