Monday, July 16, 2012

today is an exceptionally lovely day for summer.  i'm not a big fan of immense heat so today's breeze is perfect! anywho - it's a day off for me, i'm spending it by running errands and such - passport name renewal, refilling the fridge, letting the kitties get their bit of fresh air :)  

ps, here's some shots from the last couple of days.  as you know by now i'm constantly changing stuff around the house.  our most recent addition was a lovely mid-cent coffee table we found at the alameda fair.


my ink blot card collage.  we took down the hutch to the desk to open up some space, i love the results. i wanted something to separate the desk area from the rest of the room somehow.  the magazine rack on the side there is still a bit sloppy so i'll have to figure something out for that :)


eva surprised me with some new chalkboard art (this thing doesn't get touched by anyone but her and tessa btw).

my brother was over to watch a ufc fight with wes and of course it just so happened to be his birthday.  who wouldn't want to spend it watching a fight are you crazy?

noodle's nestling is the best!


coolio! that's it for me.  hope your day is awesome!


  1. i feel like my brother would watch ufc on his bday too. oh brother..s

    so, i really love the way your sofa looks with your table. do you still love the table?
    ok. bye!

    1. haha - i think our brothers would be friends. so i love the table now more than i liked it when we bought it - it had to grow on me just a little. and it helps to know how much its worth ;).