Thursday, January 21, 2010

sour cream is no

feeling extremely nauseous. fought tooth and nail to know. and then when i finally gave in and went to acquaint myself with the toilet - nothing. yet the feeling remains. can't sleep because of it. so i'm browsing youtube (lady gaga interviews lead to robert pattinson interviews lead to music - which is where i should have begun) and webmd for remedies. distraction is one of the best. i'm basically waiting till it comes so i can get it overwith and go to sleep.

anyway - one of my other latest favs

and the most current wonder/discovery - sol seppy

school today: did peekaboo's on a classmate and all over color. the peekaboo's didn't lift like i had hoped, but alas. it still looked pretty nice. then for dinner, i went to chipotle (pay attention to this and take heed) and got my fav - veg burrito bol. so the kid in a hurry throws this huge glob of sour cream - i don't normally get sour cream and never will. but i was too hungry to protest much. long story short, i ate half of that stupid bowl against my better judge and here i am now with that bowl somewhere between my stomach and my mouth - waiting for that moment when i'm most comfortable. anyway - i won't go to chipotle for a while and i will NEVER again tolerate sour cream.

i told you todays would be fun! i make fun of people posting "sick posts" on facebook, but a blog is totally different. this is my territory folk. lame. i'm really kidding - i'll end up deleting the whole sick complaint thing anyways.

k you guys i better go.

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