Saturday, January 23, 2010

co-co! co-co!

these are by far the coolest vases i've ever seen - per FxBallery

the coolest guests on conan tonight. he's a good man. wesley and i got back from jamie's bday at devere's and are hanging out for a bit. tomorrow's his special bday celebration i made for him which starts with a hearty breakfast.

anyway - sorry about that gross sour cream post earlier. whew - that was awkward.

had a simple haircut today - but my client was one of those surprising talkers. it was a short cut, but i think she liked it - made my day. and i drove home feeling just as normal as a pea (as opposed to last night as i was preparing to pull over every two miles - there i go again).

AND - guess who's on jimmy fallon. you guessed it - beach house! concert in april. be there.

k, this post is a bit lousy - thorry. buuuut, it's friday i can't even think - ahhhh yeaaaaah!

ps - i'm officially going full-time at school effective 2/22 - deeming me done by, nov - is it?

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  1. Hello dear Elizabeth. I hope Wes's birthday events went well! I was hoping to make it in for a hair cut while I was down, but alas, it didn't quite work out! I miss you lots girly! Love reading your thoughts. :-)