Tuesday, January 5, 2010

i love chair and my husband

i could so see this standing next to a victorian mirrored dresser in my bedroom.

my ma has one that she keeps offering (well it's more of a long-legged side table - mirrored). i need to make room for it and take her up on that offer. then i'm set. i'd purchase this chair from mr Frank Cresencia and then our house and home would be complete - NOT. would it ever. i build and build on it - it's never complete. always a work in progress. sometimes i like it cluttered. sometimes i like it spacey and modern. why not combine the two - hence this gorgeous chair and my ma's antique mirror table.

also - don't think about what it would be like if something happened to your husband (like he died) while driving home. i found myself weeping to none other than beach house, imagining what i would do with myself. and then i realized i was almost home and wes was going to see me like this. so i called myself a 'retard' (i apologize but that's literally what i said), pulled up into the driveway, wiped my eyes and walked on in.

he's doing just fine. we're going to go get some coffee real quick at tupelo and watch in treatment against my better judgement - i better go while i'm still up for it.


1 comment:

  1. stop thinking those awful thoughts!! i make myself cry thinking about it for a moment. it wont happen! if it does, you'll cry about it then, don't waste one more moment crying about what hasn't happened, and (mostly likely) will not happen.
    i hope that sounded like i was being stern with you! b/c I was, haha.
    but seriously, i can really freak myself out with those thoughts.
    ok. bye!