Thursday, January 7, 2010

thursday soup

today i have little to say. so i'll just post my outfit :)

in this pic, i'm clarifying for wes the usage of 'their' vs 'they're'. haha. he had a brain fart. he's really smart though.

i got the denim shirt before christmas (in fact to put together a reaally cheesy xmas outfit) - unfortunately it has these silly teddy bears in santa hats patches down along the button-hole side. just all the way down. and a huge one on the front pocket. the vest hides that one pretty well, but the little ones down the right side i can't hide as easily. the only one downfall of it, but you can't see them in the pic. otherwise its a sexy shirt.

i didn't say i have nothing to say, just little. i have to talk about tomorrow being a big day. we test out - meaning monday we'll be cutting hairs finally. anyways - i'm menacingly drained and am up unwisely late again. it's my fault so don't feel sorry for me being drained. in fact, i'm watching in treatment tonight again.

thank you darlings for checking in. have a wonderful night's rest!

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