Sunday, January 3, 2010

charming little sunday

sewing machine is all fixed now! it was a simple jam it seems, but the curtain is now officially done :)

that's a start. i just wanted to see how well i can keep control of the fabric as it passes under the needle. anyways. that's done and thank God no breakages.

i'm learning to be a gracious and understanding person (lifelong process i'm reminded every day). today i went to buy some make-up primer from m.a.c. cosmetics (i happen to have a discount through my school) and the young girl sat me down to 'show' me all these other products that i can't live without if i buy this primer demonstrating on half of my face how they would work. i was immediately reminded of the other sister with Juliette Lewis where she gets half her face done up at the mall.

i said to the girl - you're not going to do the other half, are you. she smiled and said, 'no - that would make it an appointment'. anyway - so i bought the stupid primer after reaffirming her that i'm sure i don't need the pre-primer and the finishing spray thank you very much.

like i said, trying to be gracious. i reminded myself - she's just doing her job. i'm sure she's got other folks' half faces to tend to ;) jk.

anyway - i'm going to read now. it's my 'back to work' eve and i'm not celebrating - hehe. just like around christmas - not enough time for me - but is it ever. in all honesty i'm excited to go to work tomorrow. there's going to be a big reveal that i'm really eager to hear about. that's for a later post. or not. i don't really have to post about it honestly. it's just work.

good night folks :)


  1. ohhhhh my GOSH. that's more than gracious, girl! no way!!!

  2. Hooray for sewing projects! Looks good. What type of fabric is it?