Monday, January 4, 2010

quelle surprise

ok. so i thought we'd be out on the floor cutting hair by the end of the month.

guess not. guess it's on monday. that means we got a 'test-out' on friday. it's not a big dealio really - just a bunch of procedures that include tiny steps you never think about. kind of like state board, but not as exponentially stressful. just a bit stressful now that i know it's this friday and not two weeks from now like we were originally told.

that's pretty much all for tonight. i've had a headache since today's merger meeting at work (merger meeting - that term doesn't seem to belong in this blog provided what i normally blog about). basically our company merged with another - far larger - one. they do the same thing we do but now we're partnering with them to meet all our extensive client needs - AND we're being better equipped. to that i'll toast.

go leadership.

oh, but ya. i blame the headache mostly on the tiny print in the power point presentations. of a sharper nature. dude - who cares.

k, now i want to hang out with wes to the max. he was giving me a little head massage while watching hero's and i think i'll ask for a repeat performance. ha.

and i'm in love with beach house's newest album - teen dreams. i was almost a few minutes late to work today because i wanted to hear the rest of the song in my car. very responsible elizabeth.

i'll leave you with this ensemble i had to take a second look at on today
love the combo of that gorgeous poncho with the thigh-high boots. i've been looking for a pair of boots like that for eons. poor wes tried to find me some for xmas and was at a loss trying to figure out what i'd like better. instead he got me other amazing things (see xmas post) and this card he sewed himself. i mean. i don't often get weepy - but i could not get a hold of myself when he gave me this:

i had to pixelize what he wrote - i don't think he'll appreciate me posting his special message to me on the triple dub

tangents. i mean what's a post without some sort of pictures. it's like reading the long chapters of a book! the longer my posts and far-reaching the tangents, the more images and color i have to post to compensate. common sense. at least i owe you folks that much, hehe.

well, i think i just remembered somewhere up there i wrote this is it for the night. it's like saying 'okay this is my last song' and proceeding with like ten more. i don't apologize (i apologize too much i realize), but i do acknowledge that not all peeps enjoy remedial little tidbits on my life. but then again....well. anyways. thanks for checking in yet again.

merry sundown (how many other ways can you think of saying 'good evening')

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