Sunday, January 17, 2010

napa weekend

napa napa napa.

wes's company hosts annual banquets/celebrations of sorts and this year they put it on in napa. oh it was a wonderful time - don't actually have pics of it, but nevertheless. i wore an ivory lacey number and had some heavy eye-makeup on to make up for the lightness of everything else (skin, hair, dress - haha). can't show you the dress, but i'll show you what i've worn for two days in a row. this gorgeous floral blouse - yet another one of those complementary buys to my emergency scramble for school colors. what a convenient disposition, eh. i promise i'm not making this a habit. i was an honest act of desperation due to my lack of planning. anyway - the blouse.

it fits perfectly.

but this morning wes and i aspired to head on into the city - SF - after a classy breakfast in downtown napa.

after bfast, as we were on our merry little way it got to pouring rain so we reconsidered our ambition of san fran. we thought we'd stop in san rafael to find a movie to watch.

wes did the looking up - i documented these monotonous moments on our camera. i guess trying to make up for the lack of pics thus far.

rain is fun to photograph

we ended up watching book of eli. i was in the mood for something lighter, but it wasn't bad. just definitely not light.

and now we're home. one dinner preparation and haircut later - i'm posting while wes takes care of business making sure our hard drive didn't lose all the info when it fell off the table - let me rephrase - when i tripped on the chord that stretched across the living room while wes was loading something (touchy subject, this one).

i'm still convinced that penny is a miniature bear.


ps - thanks ladies for your input on the cards. i was quite partial to that bonnet bunny myself. i do appreciate it. k i'm serriously done.


  1. book of eli? i hate the trailer they have for it! they put the most awful clip of a hairless cat in the beginning! which totally offended coop, & he made us paw promise we wouldn't see that movie.

    is the hairless cat apart of the story?

  2. oh lisa! sadly yes - coops brother was an actor in the movie and it definitely wasn't a happy ending for him, in the movie. so sorry to say my dearest. i totally thought of coop too! don't watch that movie and tell coop to tell his brother to stay away from such roles.

    the cute kitty kat is only in the very beginning.