Sunday, January 10, 2010

the patterns on them clothes go round and round

ey folks.

just came home from tea at my momma's house. oh it was delightful - as always. russian pastries and black tea - cup after cup after cup. then back home.

i had a meltdown today (moving backwards again, haha). all over the fact that i don't think i can cook or plan meals out so we have to spend so much money on going out through the week. weepy, folks. wes puts up with a lot (he just saw me typing that. i'm a little bit embarrassed).

moving along. part of my weekend was spent with my olga scavenging for some vintage finds all over town. it was the most sporadic thing: saturday morning - i cut hair, got home, took nap, woke up, texted olga and there we were - there i was, purchasing these:

it's a shorts jumper - these pics aren't great. it's hard doing self shots, but it is what it is ;)

this cat sweater - my absolute fav
*please excuse the wine you guys. i just had an honest glass of wine with my dinner, just one - i don't think i even finished it, so.

and then this one - olga spotted it. i decided i'm going to wear it to the alice in wonderland viewing in - march was it? don't know why, but that's the first thing that i thought of when i saw it - haha

there were a few others, but - these are just my favs :-) i DID buy this amazing little rug
still can't decide whether i want to keep this on the floor or hang it on the wall - anyway, as i was taking a pic of this rug, this little head ascended in the frame
penny was feeling a little left out - such a little freak. i just want to shmother her!

like i said, there were a few others. you'll likely see them in pics eventually.

k, well i better go now. in treatment is getting pretty good and i can't focus. gotta decide on one or the other. and then bedtime. how quickly sunday evening steals the day away - monday morning fast approaching---work---fast approaching.

have a great night, oh brave world.

ps - we were offered to house another little kitty cat - a little playmate for penny pants! oh the possibility.


  1. ok, first of all...
    the kind of wives that plan means ahead of time and keep the house spotless & just have time for all of that...well,
    they don't go to work
    they don't go to school.
    i was gonna say more, but case closed!
    (at least, that's what helps me not beat myself up, ha)
    oh & if you were an 800lbs woman, who laid around the house, ordering wes around & never bathed...well, only then, could you say 'wes puts up with alot" haha.
    ps. i LOVE that cat sweater.

  2. Oh Zeb, you are too cute. You know, I try to plan meals ahead of time, but I am for the most part unsuccessful. It can be done, but it is especially hard to do when you have a busy, busy, life, as you do. On another note, as usual, your clothes are totally adorable. You always look so darn cute, even in clothing combinations that would look strange on anyone else! :-)