Saturday, January 9, 2010

pass test - check

just had a glass of chardonnay at burgers and brew with wes to commemorate my passing the test tonight. it's not state board, but goodness, it gave me a feel for what it will be like. wash hands, breath, wash hands, breath. i mean geez people. i knew all the procedures perfectly, but it's the stuff in between that paralyzes me. anyways, i passed, that's all that matters - for now at least. and i just had an amazing glass of chardonnay to ease the exhaustion into a friday-night-tired-ready-watch-a-movie-and-fall-asleep-within-the-first-five. plus i have an earlier haircut tomorrow - on-site. so i better stop blogging late lest i solidify my readers' (all hundreds of them) opinion of my 'responsibility' level. haha. there are levels to responsibility in case you didn't know, reader. dang. speaking of my early morning haircut - i forgot my razor at school. that means an even earlier morning.

nie nie!

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  1. Hello dear Elizabeth! I happened to find your blog, and I just read the whole thing. You are always so funny and cute. I miss seeing you! Anyways, just wanted to say hello dahling! :-)