Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 rumpus

2010. i'm excited. this month consists of determining how i'm going to manage putting in a lot more time towards my 1600 hours. and i'm determined to finish this year - hopefully september october ish. that means less time at my job which means less income, if any *wince*. that's for a later post.

anyway - just a few images of our new years wild rumpus. 'all is love' folks (karen o & the kids).

the cork flew clear across the pool and wes thought it was the most hilarious thing. i wish this pic was less exposed, but i guess now that i took it i kind of like the effect.

did i ever mention that i've been wearing that fur hood every single day since xmas?

count down
i couldn't get over la raye's beautiful top. it's a little girls' dress turned tunic. just the fiercest thing i've ever seen

and wes just hollered with his super elegant champagne glass in hand :)

it just so happened that it was also this old man's bday

we later warmed up in the spa over wine and snacks - and water of course (don't do spa without water to avoid feeling dizzy or faint) - talking about new years resolutions and such. and of course i thought it was the perfect photo op provided we all felt like sitting still long enough for a slower shutter (to achieve a less grainy look per wesley's request). i couldn't stop giggling every single time.


wes and i just finished watching the assassination of jesse james by the coward robert ford - based on ron hanson's novel of the same title (same guy who wrote one of my favorite stories - atticus). really sad story to be completely honest. amazing cinematography. buuuut - this ain't no book review blog is it? oh well so what.

on a different note, i was sewing the trim of the curtain separating our kitchen from the washing room and my needle got jammed. i'm such a rookie with sewing it's embarrassing. it's all still there - curtain jammed in the machine - and i'm trying to figure out (without breaking it of course) what i did wrong. most likely the wrong needle for the fabric. don't worry i'll figure it out soon enough. goal being to keep the machine in operating condition.


well, that's my queue. i'll try to be in bed tonight sometime before 2am this time. it's a bad habit wes and i are cultivating. i don't mind so much staying up late as much as i hate waking up around noon. that's a whole morning i could have spent doing something wonderful.

good nights ladies and gents. (i think the only gent reading this would be my husband if i'm lucky - so i guess ladies and wes, rather - haha)

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