Tuesday, December 29, 2009

before the year is out - t-shirt tribute to 2009

i have been enjoying the simplicity of tshirts. just yesterday i forgot my school attire at home so i had to make a lunch-time dash to a place i knew would have something i enjoyed in grey and/or black - urban outfitters. it helps that they had a huge sale :) so i got these pants that fit better than i expected for 9.99 and two v-neck tee's for $24 (both grey - one darker than the other). i like them somewhat loose, and i like them drapey. i ended up wearing them as an outfit to school - rather simple, but loved it. especially with my furry hoody (yet another uo item - a gift from none other than my lover). the only sucky thing is it's way too cold to wear just a tshirt these days, but for the sake of capturing a photo it's a worthy cause :-)

this was my lunchtime attempt at a self-portrait photo shoot. i found a woodsy spot away from others, and sure enough, just as i set up - people. people came. it's a freaking trail folks, let's move it along. they stood there for a long conversation. after pretending like i was taking pics of the 'scenery', i said the heck with it - set up and went along with my business. so what who cares.

my other favorite t lately

my little bro is a tie-dye fiend. i keep telling him i'll open and manage an etsy shop for him. he just has to do all the tie-dying work. he'd rather snowboard. regardless, any orders?

speaking of t-shirts - i found this on style.com and want it. it's by Christopher Kane and can be found on net-a-porter. i can't afford it, but maybe you can :)

kind of embarrassing but i just found out i can post my pics larger than i have been in previous posts. sorry about the teensy weensy pics down below.


what time is it even? i'm working a tad slower since wes is updating my mac - i'm working from his pc. i won't bash - bashing is so 2009

so the minute i got home today i went into sorting mode and started sorting and re-sorting stuff - like old memorabilia. i found my old diary and greeting cards and letters from friends. i'm such a sentimental person. so much stuff - such little space. it's overwhelming. now there are a few piles sitting here on the floor-ish: to shred, to recycle, to take to the garage, to donate, bla bla bla. can i get any more tired at 2:21 am? sleeping in is definitely part of the plan tomorrow (we're off work till monday - yay!)

well, this wraps it up. i believe this is this year's last post (unless i get a chance to put something up tomorrow). like i said in earlier posts. overzealous.

hope you have a wonderful new years. see ya.

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  1. Okay, first and foremost I love your new blog header! The picture is SO you and I love the font you chose for your name! You are planning on teaching me all of this cool stuff when I finally settle down and start my blog, yes?

    I also adore the t-shirt and furry hood self portraits... Way to go for "doin' your thang" even with the nosy pass byers hanging around! I always wondered what you did at lunch time... ;0)

    The picture of you in the crop top tie dye is seriously straight out of the eighties! Love it! Now, if only there was a sweatband and double layered slouch socks involved...

    Keep of the blogging girly! I am really enjoying it! You are my inspiration!