Sunday, December 13, 2009

one quarter jewish

my grandpa revealed to us today that - now that he's terminally ill - he has been keeping his jewish heritage a secret all his life. instead, he'd tell his kids and grandkids that he's ukranian - which makes sense since mistiuk is generally a ukranian sounding last name. anyways, definitely news to me. i guess he had to keep it a secret back in the day in russia - and somehow it was drilled in his head that it's not safe to share here either. my grandpa's a dear man (he's the one on the right)

it's like i'm a whole new person. jk. but it's pretty cool - i'm a quarter jewish.

anyway - before wes and i hit up our family gathering, we just made it in time for the antique fair (every second sunday, under the freeway - thank God. it was pouring today - we're pretty hard core). i bought this gorgeous antique hair dryer

not sure where i'll put it yet, but it's quite a piece.

oh yeah, if you can't tell, i'm working backwards with this one - sorry if it's really hard to follow :)

yesterday evening, we had the privilege of participating in our friends' christmas vacation-themed christmas party. first time i watched the movie was the night before - never really heard of it (sorry for those of you who are hard-core griswold fans). they even had a trailer parked out front and everything! can you hear the excitement in my voice?

anyway, that's where i inherited the viola twins and was able to cross 'manikin heads' off my christmas list. yay - that leaves room for wes to get me some other wonderful things for xmas!

they actually look like someone i know.

wes is gone for the evening and i thought they looked a tad creepy sitting on the table. just here with me and penny. by ourselves. penny and i can take them head on - omg! head on! nevermind.

my point in all of this was to share that my dear friend toni up and gave them to me! they're like $30 a piece! oh the things i'll do to their hair. i'll have to work gradually - can't do too much at once, you know. i'll keep you posted on what i end up doing :) i hope i'm not all talk. that's partly why i blog about it - that way i have to hold up my end of the deal. many thanks to her - she doesn't even know how excited i was about these.

oh, and lastly, before the xmas vacation party (i'm working backwards, rumember?), wes and i hit up thrift-town to see if we could find a fitting griswold outfit. we never really did BUT, i did find this amazing wonder for $1.99

i think i'm inadvertently starting a blazer collection. this and my pink one

are my two most favorites. i got the pink one from roseville hospice thrift store. i never leave that place empty-handed. btw, the pink blazer pic was from when i visited some family in philly. in case you were wondering :)

k. that's enough. sorry - i won't always have them this long - promise. i'm just sharing. this is too much fun.

night. i'm gonna finish new moon tonight. that's an order. wes still gone. two heads still sitting on the desk.

love and peace.

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