Tuesday, December 15, 2009


hi there.

almost done with my dolly's perm. just the top section left.

i am aware of how creepy i look in the pic.

anyways - days like this i keep my eyes on my vision. just want to get on with it you know - as far as hair school goes. the state board tests us on 75% of what nobody even does anymore - and yet we have to sweat and agonize over it. just pulled that percentage out of my butt btw. don't quote me :) just a bit frustrating. something about them not being able to afford to update everything since like the 40s. oh well, i love the 40s.

we're out on the floor in about a month. can't wait till then because i can start working my booty off to get all my hours completed.


so i have also set to it that i need to lose just a couple if i want to do this model/photo shoot thing. not that i'm going to hold off on the photo shoot till then. at least do some cardio. and stop eating the little treats that pop up here an there.

there's a phantom treat person at work who keeps leaving these wonderful goodies in the break room in the morning for the taking (today it was just plain ol butter cookies. no frosting or anything just as plain xmas tree shaped cookie). so i took one, and while i waited for my wholesome/gluten-free waffle to toast, i just casually scarfed it down. as if it had a different effect if i ate it subconsciously. or while waiting for my coffee to brew. it's not harmful if you're standing up. right?

i'll just start going to the gym again on my lunch breaks and work my butt off for 20, take a shower and be back. all in one hours time. true story. i used to do it like two months ago. that is just about all the time i have in my schedule. unless i do lunges in my cubicle/octagonacle on my 10 minute breaks. but the walls aren't high enough. i'd seriously do that. i even have an exercise ball. except then there's the issue with the sweating.

k - enough about me.

i think i'm spent. long grueling day. long. grueling. day.

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