Monday, December 28, 2009

christmas 2009, etc

i've been trying to update for a few days now - too busy being lazy. which was awesome for once. technically, i wasn't that lazy - i read and finished a book. read AND finished. two separate actions. but...

i noticed that people are in such a hurry to tear all the christmas stuff down. seriously what gives. it's like midnight of the 26th strikes and all the peeps in the neighborhood drag their poor little tree out to the curb "where it belongs". anyways. i'm kind of bipolar with my xmas moods. one year i'm happy about it. next year i'm angry at it (not at the holiday itself, what people make out of it - you get the idea). what are ya gonna do.

k. let's get on with it. i like tangents. and i so sorry.

i found a place for the rest of the mustaches from la ray's party. didn't think i'd use them any time soon but the kitchen wall seemed a bit bare. like it was missing a mustache(s).

the thing hanging above it was just an anthropologie catalogue cover i used when making my silverware ornaments. i like how the spray paint left an imprint of the silverware on the ad so i thought, where else better to hang it but in the kitch? not that silverware has a particular tie to the kitchen (hence forks and spoons hanging from my tree). at least not at my house.


christmas was pretty special this year. mine and wes's second one. we've created somewhat of a tradition:

xmas eve at my parents'

my not so little brother

my dad and his box-cutter conveniently always located in his shirt pocket next to the pens and other things. always.

xmas morn at wesley's parents'

xmas day - just us.

my long awaited machine

penny and her comfy spots of choice

well, there were like a ton more where all that came from. i just had a wonderful time with family and especially wes. got so spoiled with spending time with him, it makes me so depressed to go back to work. it's almost unhealthy, these breaks. all at the same time - they make me realize how eager i am to move on to the next steps in my life - out of my 'office job' and everything that's attached to it - and into an 'industry' where i can spread my wings for lack of better terms. how's that for being vague. anyways.

industry might not have been the word, but never mind.

i guess i'm out for the night. thanks again for checking in (i like to pretend that you do). you don't even know.

wes is playing his ps3 (his gift from me this xmas - i got a great deal for it, mk. we're not rich. we're really not). he opened it up and was like "so you really don't care to see me much do you". i was all, "not with that sewing machine sitting on the desk". i like how i make it sound like i'm always going to be sewing. at least not while i'm working and schooling full-time, but i'll post things i (try to) make when i mess around with it k?

oooookay. this is seriously excessive. good night folks.

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