Saturday, December 12, 2009

so ya

this is my blog. for lack of a fun name, i've been putting off starting one for a few weeks now. i'm over it, though. i ended up with yelizabeta, my immigrant name - it seems like i'm kinda stuck with it (thanks to the roseville dmv - but i digress) i might as well use it for something.

with this blog, i mostly want to track my life as a developing hair stylist - start august 2009, and also to post things i make/buy/enjoy - art/design/fashion related - for whomever cares to see i guess. maybe down the road (when i have more time - haha) i'll make them myself and perhaps sell them. myself. i've made items i'm excited about but hoarded them, thinking i'd never come up with something like that again. THAT's a mentality i better shove out the window.

anyway - mostly this is for me. i like to write (if you can't tell) and i like to put things out there on the world wide web. for your entertainment, if you can hardly call this that :)

oh and one other thing - i've been thinking about doing a little photo shoot - nothing major geez - and sending some pics to a few modeling agencies to see how far i can go with a modeling gig. it's an experiment - actually. sometimes people ask me if i do it - and well, i guess i'd like to see if they have any merit. and if i hear nothing - so what who cares? i'm sure i can keep myself busy enough.

ok - wish me luck. signing off for the night. i will leave you with this:

wes and i recreated (or at least tried to) a pic that we took in nyc back in 2005 when we were there just a few weeks ago. same exact spot.

i have to say - i think my recreation is a tad more accurate, buuuut.....

nighty night.

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