Friday, December 18, 2009

careless evening

so nice to know i don't have to wake up for work at 5:15 am tomorrow. just at 7:30 or so. for the mountains this time. my little bro montana is coming with.


orders of business tonight. wes owes me a concert (long story :) so we've been looking online to see if any of my favorites (lately favorites and those who were always favorites) have any shows:

the walkmen - tours in europe
beach house - tours in europe
arcade fire - nope
radiohead - nope
animal collective - europe
the national - nope

yeah, no luck. i'm sure there's like a ton more i'm leaving out. can't think straight. i ran out of options. where have i been?! actually, preoccupied with reading and listening to books. so i guess kind of in a cave.


order of business #2 - wes fixing my iphone as per youtube university

i dropped my iphone - face flat on the ground the other day - and the front of it looks like that broken glass app that everyone's raving about. except it's a little too real. so wes ordered a glass and is now busy busy busy

in the meantime, i took pics of me in my latest purchase from a nearby consignment shop - this little leather jacket - unintentionally going for amelia earhart.

oh, and finally...penny. she kills me how cute she is in the mornings. she routinely wakes up with me - at 5:15 every morning - and sits deep in thought on the counter, while i brush my teeth and do my regular morning routine. kills me! i keep telling her "penny, no one's asking you to sit here"

i love this pic - i think i'll use it for my header. sometime. later. later enough that you can forget about it :-)

kills me. she's like a miniature bear. i call her bear sometimes. she responds to penny though.

anyways. gotta pack. it's like 1:06 and i'm exhausted beyond words. but mountains. tomorrow.
and wes just fixed my iphone!!!! he's my hero handyman!

see ya!!!

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