Wednesday, December 23, 2009

the best way to spread christmas cheer is to sing loud for all to hear!!

so as promised - the order of events last weekend in pictures.

first there was ronnie and jessie's xmas sweater party (it's the ugly sweater party to be exact, but i happened to really like some of the holiday wear most thought were ugly:)

wes and i outdid ourselves we thought

like i said...

"yet another party" - poor copper

ping pong

this is my wes. always appropriate.

that was saturday. on sunday, we had the pleasure of attending ms la raye's mustache sparkle party.
me with ms la ray -

loved the little vogue pieces hanging over the oven

wes borrowed some battery operated lights from his dad. perfected his ensemble. it's hard to see in pics, but...

the boys (and i - butting in as youzh) had a phil collins dance-off. particularly the crazy drum build up in "i could feel coming it in the air tonight"

and that was that. now it's technically xmas eve. i didn't work today - did go to school though. today marks the end of all we need to learn in theory. from here on it's practice practice practice. between clients. practice. cancelled appointments. practice. i've been bad though - when we get free time, my nose was in a book - particularly eclispse (book III). i'm trying to get through those like it's an assignment. haha.

anyway - it's late. time to wrap it up. thanks for checking in! i noticed some new followers :) - welcome sister. welcome amber. welcome folks. i hope you made it this far into this post. it's a hefty.


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