Monday, December 14, 2009


freaking perms. i don't want to talk about it. all i have to say is this whole evening as we were practicing our first perm applications, i'm thinking "character building, character building...". and then i look around the room and all the girls but me are halfway done with their first sections and i'm only finishing

hence no pics tonight from school. if you'll see any, they'll likely be bad quality pics taken with my iphone. but not tonight. at least not from school :)

anyways, tonight i am reminded of my latest project of sorts. i'm a bit obsessed with tin cans - i've been collecting them here and there like since forever ago. they're all over our house if you can't tell. anyways, perhaps when weekend arrives, i'll create a mobile?

or another chandelier-esque device - i made one from antlers not too long ago and hung it in our living room.

now we could use something in our bedroom as there's nothing more than a big ol' blue wall (and a feather - and a nordstroms ad - i'll show you later).


i just got home (before i eagerly sat down to write my post - hows that for being zealous), and wes called. he said "if you see any packages, please don't open them because they're for me". i grinned. i know exactly what he's doing. anyways

passing by those boxes without actually touching them (HUGE feat btw. huge), i remembered this little ceramic boy that i snatched from my parents house when i was there last. he's kind of borderline, but i keep him in case i make up my mind. he sits among the owls (i had to isolate him for lighting), but i don't know if he fits in as wonderfully as i had hoped.

oh well. wes doesn't ask anymore. he just lets me do my thing. i think the boy is cute. if i can find a better place for him - i'm a winner. but in the meantime, he'll have to make friends with the owls. it makes me laugh to think it was a gift from my grandma to my little brother on his, what, was it 15th bday? i'm sure he would have rather died than display this in his room. i guess i'll preserve it for him for when he wants it back. he's now 16. so far no requests.

still can't believe i'm quarter jewish. dang.

ok - toodles.

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  1. So that's the BIG difference between you and I girly... You want to keep the cans as they are and create something while I want nothing more than to cover those cans in pretty scrapbook paper and accent them with ribbon and other doo dads! Can't wait to see what you come up with!