Wednesday, January 20, 2010


has nothing to do with my post this fine eve.

neither does this

yes, this is the 3rd post where i mention her - so what.

in other news.

my third successful male cut tonight. and a fun little reverse graduated cut on my doll. the early practical learning stage is so frustrating. it's like playing an instrument and being way ahead of yourself in your head - you hear it, but the actual play is hard to execute. practice makes puuuuurrrrrrrfect (can you tell i've been round penny for too long?)

i've been on an eggs kick. in fact, i just had me a sunny side up just now. with my ezekiel toast. goopy and drippy is how i like 'em. i think i've made some for myself almost every day - with the exception of yesterday. yesterday i headed to the bon l'air pub to celebrate ronnie's oldness and i had a glass full of cider. the whole glass. i'm not much of a beer drinker, but cider i'll do.

shouldn't have had the egg - it's right before bedtime and i feel like a glutton. dang.

k, bye guys! perhaps tomorra i'll have a funner one :)


  1. I am an egg fanatic as well. However, my toast is Alvarado st. pretty similar. Sometimes I do sprinkle a little cinn and sugar on one of my pieces. Looking forward to some posts on your cuts;)

  2. I was signed in as Sean...but that previous comment was from me

  3. i am eating ezk. toast too. right now. well, not right now, it' s just laying here on the coffee table, and coop has now licked it, so not sure if i will finish it.
    it's really good for you, fyi.