Monday, December 20, 2010

sundy mundy

brilliant - i'm in love with her singing style.

well, i am finally excited (rather than overwhelmed) about making my own food!  i've been reading "french women don't get fat" and of course getting inspired to cook more and eat at home rather than eating out - which works better for the bank account anyway. today for example, i gave up my run to go get some essentials so i can make food for us. what a concept!

oh - and eat slow.  it's true.  i inhale my food - this is such an exercise.  i'm often on the run and just always hungry.  never actually take time to 'taste' the food. what a concept.

anyway i discovered and registered a 'foodfolio' account - an online recipe organizer.  i was looking for a simple organizer that would allow me to keep all the recipes i'd like to try or already tried in one place rather than randomly bookmarking them or looking for them later.

next up, these vegetable muffins i found on the plum kitchen blog.

omg - sorry to bore

we spent last weekend in reno, of all places, at a resort casino - um - ferr free.  wes found this deal online so we thought, why not - we've been trying to use our free lift tickets for sugarbowl and this was the perfect opportunity since it was in that general direction - free weekend everyone!  other than confirming that reno is probably the most depressing place to live in (sorry reno-ans, my opinion-o), it turned out to be a fun little shindig :)

after a day 'out', wes and i got a couple of drinks at one of the casino bars (chocolate cake shot for dessert and then my vodka cran yoozh).  we thought it would be fun to take some wild west pics by the canyon backdrop.  

it was either that or dance with all the other retirees to a 'singer in a box' 

i also thought that they did an amazing job making this tree a leaning xmas tree!  i love that!  doubt it was intentional, but i thought it was very lovely.  next year maybe, since ours is perfectly upright.

on the last day we stopped by this hole in the wall bakery for breakfast - i kick myself for not remembering their name because they were the shizzle.  their santa claus was nice too - he seemed like the real deal.  i just thought this was such a cute moment - the little girls dad was like "hug santa".  but it made a sweet picture, contrived or not, ha. 

anyway - this is it.  as far as the hair world goes, i've done some haircuts for wes and his buddies, but what's a word without a pickcha!!   


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  1. i love she & him! and i can't believe you found that deal online! i'm envious.