Monday, November 1, 2010

all that anticipation

and here i am.  it would all be over tomorrow if it wasn't for 'yelizabeta'.  the cool immigrant name and a bit of a curse too.  long story short, state board had found a name discrepancy and will be rescheduling. oh well, i guess i needed more time to. study.

but on a funner note - here is an unofficial start to my unofficial 'wish list'.  i don't know, xmas i guess, is it too soon, in hopes of my husband somehow venturing to read my blog.

to start - in the shoe department

dulce vita's amsterdam platform pump sold by uo.  i'm so into comfortable heels, what can i say?  these are heels.

with regard to jewelry - this bear ring is quite admirable.  i actually spotted ms coury of fancytreehouse wearing an enviable antler one by sea of bees jewelry, and followed the link to a treasure chest.  any item from that website will do, honey :)

good night y'all!

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