Thursday, October 28, 2010


because i should be enjoying the gloomy weather studying at a old soul - studying.  crap.  i hate saying crap, but i don't like to cuss in public.  even in writing.  so i say stupid words like 'crap'.

besides me needing to be studying, i'm excitedly anxious because i just purchased this lovely garment from magic2art on etsy:

besides having purchased this garment, i'm watching dexter - AND studying.  so 50% studying now and then 100% studying when wes gets home.  we'll go out - he could read and study (he studies just for himself - weirdo) or help me study, and i'll study.  

i may be blowing this state board thing out of proportion, but honestly, i don't care to do it again.  ever.  

finally, i'm a bit anxious because i started a lookbook.  now i'm really exposed.  oh well.  like it or leave it people.  

stupid dexter.  

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  1. Cute cute jacket- and I LOVE dexter. It's my favorite show in the history of all shows.