Friday, October 15, 2010

i'm finally functional

time to clean house.

this is noodle stepping out for the first time - we've been meaning to make her collar tags that has one of our numbers on it (in case she runs off like a spaz) which is what kept us from letting her out for so long.  anyway - for the time being, i put on our late kitty sylvia's tag which, yes, we still have.

it was so cute - penny was such a big sister looking out.  in the end - she definitely felt safe seeing the doorway open just in case she needs to dart back in - which she did when she saw the mail man.

one more thing before i blast my music and go cinderella.  SUN BOXES.  as featured on design milk - it's an installation that is made of a solar-powered series of 20 speakers, each continuously playing a different guitar note in a looped set. Together, these guitar notes make a Bb chord. Because the loops are different in length, once the piece begins they continually overlap and play some truly beautiful music — all from nature.
so magical!


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