Tuesday, October 26, 2010

chandeliers made of bike parts


seriously.  i'd own one if you twisted my arm - i think our home needs a little simplifying and i'd be happy to exchange a couple of other items for one of these, that's for sure. 

on another note, my fascination with the show dexter couldn't show up at a more inconvenient time.  i'm taking my state board test next tuesday and wes won't let me watch the new ones until i catch up.  i have 4 more seasons to go.  seriously the biggest distraction, bros. 

anyway - i'll leave you with this outfit - i wore it the other day and hadn't the opportunity to post.  plus, i was trying out the middle part on my hairs. sort of - a very messy, perhaps mis-guided middle part.  having a reaaaaally hard time with the growing out of it.  i hoped i'd be creative enough to work with muh hairs at this stage :)

denim button-up shirt - vintage
aztec knit sweater (reversible) - vintage (got it at a shop in brooklyn - very prized piece)
denim shorts - vintage
tights - forever 21
gold pleated flats - vintage



  1. agh! i was hoping you was selling that cardi! :) nice find!

  2. Those bike parts chandeliers are kind of amazing. As well as that sweater.