Sunday, October 24, 2010

new items on my etsy

finally - my shop is not bare bones :)

i'm featuring this gorgeous suede flight jacket and the button up western shirt.

it was raining in my coffee so i was trying to hurry it up with the posing.  but this is probably my favorite fall outfit and i'm tempted to re-wear it tomorra.  time saver!

western button-up shirt - vintage
sheer grey tent dress - urban outfitters
loafters - vintage
suede jacket - vintage
fur scarf - vintage
tights - urban outfitters
woven belt - vintage


dinner at my parents' house tonight was, as usual, a delight.  we always start with ambitious plans to 'go out', but end up back at their house for dinner.  going out is more stressful than fun.  particularly for me - just watching my ma order and try to decide on what to get is enough to keep me tense.  i like being at the house where i can force my little bro to stay downstairs and socialize with the family.  poor kid.  talk about contrived.  he secretly likes the attention :)
he wouldn't stand still.  and my ma was using my iphone to take pics.  


finally, i've officially made this amazing wolf blanket our bed cover.  we bought it in july when we went camping to dillon beach - the purchase was definitely a desperate attempt to stay ward for the night.  it's always so cold there even during summers - blanket vendors have a permanent spot. 

anyway - that is all.  

here's the ladies doing my favorite thing - staring out the window(s).  any window is good


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  1. That jacket is to die for. I would swipe that if I hadn't just bought a very similar tan one from bows and arrows the other day. I kinda like this one better... hmph.