Thursday, October 14, 2010

tsbeen a while

since i've been this sick.  after reading a bit and even studying for state board (not to mention the shot of vodka), i found myself on youtube and surfing the web - normally surfing the web overwhelms and stresses me out in a sense because of how much there is to see and know and yet there's so much you can covet/look at/listen to in a lazy lethargic state.  ya know?

anyway - i've taken an ear to kid cudi's sound and am loving it.  here's a performance he did on conan very early this year called pursuit of happiness ft. mgmt:

and a cover of the very song by lissie (un-censored version, fyi) which i thought was pretty lovely as well (i don't promote drunk driving, though - it's in the song a bit:)

sorry - one more.  this is 'canadian girl' by the walkmen.  it makes me want to dance, unreservedly.  i only do that at concerts, and MAYBE weddings if i had a drink or two. the song actually starts at exactly 50 seconds if you want to skip through all the talk:

on another note - i would seriously appreciate it if the cold got here already?  i have purchased a couple of vintage coats over the last couple of weeks, and would like to wear one.  and as if i hadn't had enough to keep me warm, i sense a strong urge to purchase this blanket coat from uo:

i'll sell all my other ones if i have to, haha.  i'll prolly sell them anyway - then i'd be left with no choice. and that is my plan.

that's it for now.  i need to stop looking at screens!!

love ya

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