Sunday, October 10, 2010

oh dear blog

i will have more time for you this coming monday.  when i finish my program, thank you very much!

there's still state board on 11/2


i finally sold this - i just came across a cute denim jacket today and thought to myself, "nah, i have an even better one at home with fringe and everything - way better.  it's not like someone's going to buy it anytime soon".  haha.  who knew - good bye old friend.  so glad you're going to a good home!

you know that means i have a mad new set of items to post.  (if you're still following).  

well, for now.  good night.  i'm going to go OCD on our closet right now.  wes is at a bachelor party, and i want to organize our closet.  our whole house actually, but the closet is a start.

prolly won't get far.

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  1. I am so excited for you to be done with school! you guys can come over for dinner during the week whao!