Thursday, September 9, 2010

birthday weekend

today at school: biolaged a low-light for one of my older clients.  such gorgeous results for such an easy technique.

ok.  weekend.
well, for starters, we were all (as in my family) relatively disappointed to find out that vincent van gogh will be featured in de young's second installment of 'birth of impressionism' series, not this last saturday like i had originally blogged.  however, it was still nice to see the work of monet, seurat, manet, and renoir (in other words, the ones i recognized from french and art class).  still impressive (im.pre.seeev-uh).  anton was greeting everyone with a delightful 'salut' just to get a reaction.

coupla shots from that event.

we convinced him that he didn't need a tie dye shirt - he can make them better himself :)

antony shooting people from the window

me and montana (anton) being obnoxious.  drunk by art, i like to call it :) 

on sunday, my actual birthday - wes took me out to breakfast at fox&goose where i had my favorite scone (second of course to olya's spelt ones).  can ya tell?!
where he also presented me with my new iphone by actually calling it.  i was so confused because i heard my ringtone in my purse, but i was looking right at my existing phone on the table.  he was laughing because as he often says "i could just see the mice spinning the wheel in your head".  i know - it took me a while to figure it out.  so ya, the rest of the day i took pics with it.  


capital park, where we spent a good chunk and saw a quinceniera (sp?).  

only in sacramento

we also walked to weatherstone coffee where we spent another chunk.  caffeinated twice!  in one day.  encouraged by husband.  that's a birthday :)

basically - an entire day for us to be together.  we thought about going to sf AGAIN, but then i realized we were going in that general direction for labor day too.  how much SF can one get in one weekend people.  a lot actually.  if we could afford to stay both nights - then a lot.  but driving?  nah.

which leads me to monday, which was my 'twin' cousin timmy's bday (same year, just one day behind me).  so we all made our way out to good old stinson beach and had us what a good ol' day at the beach should look like (minus the obnoxious crowds).     

that is all.  goodnight y'all!

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