Thursday, September 2, 2010

september's gonna be heavy

as if i haven't already been delay-ful :)  the monf of september will be a messy one.  aside from my next possible etsy post, i likely won't be updating till like, mid octoberish (unless time permits somewhere between the lines, and/or unless i feel like updating about my birthday or our family visit to see van gogh's exhibition at the de young museum).  i'm at 1377 hours into the program with a deadline of oct 7th as my board date. if i don't finish by then, they might schedule my test months out and i'm not going to have it.  i'm firm on that.  that's my final price.  oct 7th.

anyway, as you know with my hair endeavors, i'm going big or going home.  why else would i switch from a job that has a corporate career possibility to a slow and gradual growth in the fashion/hair industry?  i can't think of a reason. other than a passion for visual boundlessness - in other words, making people look magical.  kind of like sabrina michals or dennis lanni who produce works of art such as

they all look so effortless (aside from the finger wave, haha) and marvelous.  i like styles that seem last minute and whimsical.


alright already.  meet noodle.  i started calling her 'little noodle' and we just decided to keep it as her permanent name.  she's still clueless and i probably always will be as to her name.  we might have to come up with a reward mechanism for everytime she responds to her name.

and how could i post without including penny.  wes took a couple of shots that were just too hard to not post.  yes, i am that person that posts more than one pic of her cats.  BUT.
she knows when we're taking pictures and actually poses.  so WEIRD.

finally, i darkened my color a just a smidge.  not really permanent - i used shades eq by redken, 5c to be specific.  just to give it some vibrance.  i'm more excited for when it starts fading and the blonde comes through again giving it like three different layers of color, like my head is on fire, haha.

i must admit i was so close to cutting off my mullet tail at school a couple of days ago, but i simply cant.  i use it for hairdo possibilities.  once i think of a form i can morph it into, i'll let you know.  but now, i'm just not that convinced i don't need it. 

speaking of cutting off.  i must go.  thanks for stopping by!  i know i'm kind of an "absent mother" in these parts, but hang in there.  


  1. the first picture reminded me i want a fake perm from you soon please.

  2. Hi there- cute blog! I came across your blog from the local blogger post by Juniper James.
    Anyways- have a great labor day weekend!

    <3 natale eve

  3. i love the mullet tail-- it's charming.

    and pretty cats!