Thursday, February 24, 2011

first its sunny then its rainy

some people around town say it might snow.  i seriously doubt it, though.

i just started running again on tuesday - it took a lot of will, but i remember why i like it so much when i actually do it.  that's when it was sunny.  today, i saw droplets of rain on my windshield while coming home and forget about it!  i'll have to try it again next week when this "storm" goes way.

so i got home and fixed up the house a bit for tonight's company (my brothers! - one of which is long lost ben who travels so much i don't even know where he lives anymore) so i'm excited.  maybe i'll have my parents join too if they want.  but our house is so embarrassingly small it's really hard to entertain more than like, oh...5 people at once?  see what i mean by small house?  those are our little hens (hens is code for kitties).  they remind me of little chickens laying eggs when they sit like this.


the rain outside makes me want to stare all day till someone stops me or till i creep out the UPS guy (which i think i did)

(please note how noodle is looking into the camera like 'do you MIND'?)

whenever i put up my hair in a top bun, wes calls it the "steven segal bun" since it's still only so small - no fashion sense!  i do chuckle every time i make it now.  thanks a lot wes.  i hate you. (kidding - we throw that phrase around all the time.  it's like "i love you" but flirtier)


speaking of husband - he and i went to the crocker art museum last week on my day off (our proverbial valentine's day).



i love this video projection, "rapunzel" - i want one of these at my house.  i've already talked about it in my blog before and i will continue to take pictures with it every time i go there :)

and here's a piece by me.  it's a photograph depicting little old ladies on their day away from home.  i call it 'no parking'

buh bye!


  1. You always have that look like someone set their glass on the table without using a coaster...

  2. LOL!!! Pelosi!!! oh that one made me laugh for a good few minutes :)

    thanks for the comment babe!

  3. amaizing the cats!!!