Monday, January 16, 2012


we took a little trip to the bay yesterday.  i love that i can get my dose of ocean and and marine plant life in no more than an hour and a half time! one of our(my) favorite places to go is the park and hiking trails in the sutro area.  when my family first moved to america, we lived across the street from the little park up on the cliff.  now our trips to that part of sf bring me such nostalgia it almost hurts.  that's why i guess i'll always have a soft spot for san francisco (when we have a son - i'll name him francisco - francisca if girl- lol kidding)

one day i'll scan some old photos from our family walks through the park (yes all seven of us - seven before anton) and show you.  one of the most random memories i have is couples making out on blankets like...everywhere!  i think one time i approached a couple just to see what happens if they saw me standing there and nothing happened.  they were making out when i came out to play after school and still there on my way home for dinner.  that is kind of amazing!

enyvey - we spent some time up on lands end trails, did some lunch at the stinking rose (i've always been curious about that place) - went for some ice cream, quick grab o' coffee and did one last stop at alamo square to see the "full house" house where wes gave me a good rundown of all the characters and what they were known for.







fortune cookie parking spots :)
funny cuz i'm gonna!

look at this garlic goodness!  i think i was more obsessed about this than my actual dish.


little asian store where they sold EVERYTHING you can think of
wes drawing warmth from ceiling lamp

just close 'em


ate our ice creams in the car it was so cold!

in line for coffee


couple more pics here

okay i'll get back to muh day off.  i'm almost done with the garden of beasts.  if i can get my hands on the last hunger games book, i'll read that next or the stolen life by jaycee dugard.  my mommy in law read it in like two days i think.  bam.


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