Sunday, November 4, 2012


loved brussels!
the pace is slower than in paris - lots of little pubs everywhere in case you want to take a little beer/cider break.  somehow such breaks seemed more welcoming here. it's smaller, and more compact, but has the most amazing city square! i could spend a good chunk of time sitting outside studying the deets on those buildings (and staring at the people!). anyway,

according to wikipedia, food-wise it's known for it's waffles, beer, french fries, and chocolate.  i tried three of these.

their waffles are seriously the tastiest i've ever had in my life.  i'm sure they're filled with tons of butter/sugar, but they're perfectly crispy outside and soft inside and i now want to make some here.  if possible a healthier version of them, but mimic the taste EXACTLY.

also had lindmans pecheresse (peach cider) - a new fav! i'm on the lookout to get some for myself at home

had just a small taste of the chocolate in one of the shops, but didn't take it too much farther.  somehow there were chocolate shops everywhere, it was kind of turning me off from caring about it much.  sounds crazy - but i think the waffles were a good enough distraction.

alla and i just about passed out when we found a healthy restaurant option after passing up nothing but pub food, waffle and sausage options.  it was such a relief to see fresh salads and fruits, hot soup, beet sandwich?













this park had tons of chestnut trees so i gathered some  to bring home in hopes of "roasting chestnuts on an open fire"

outside the city center.  more of a "real" neighborhood.


that's brussels.  btw, this was all in two(ish) days.  kind of a first world problem, but you can't see much variation in my outfits - i packed light, but i did switch things up.  good thing that i happen to love my trench coat/fur hood/booties, they totally saved the trip for me weather-wise.  like i said, fwp ;)

ok - next up is budapest!

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