Tuesday, January 8, 2013

prague (and on the way there)

hey guys!

here's the final stretch of my europe documentation: a two-for-one post (if you're still reading the blurb part). we ended up in prague where we split ways with our dear traveling companions so we could do the last leg just the two of us.  on the way there, we stayed the night in bamburg, germany at mike's friends place (his name happened to also be wes!). he and his wife were very hospitable and showed us around the little tiny town. on our way to prague we visited the original disney castle (it's called neuschwanstein castle).  some of the all time best views i've seen in my life. here are some pics.





this is their doggie curbis (sp?) - he was a little firecracker.  sure knew how to pose.

and of course, prague.  i highly recommend it as a europe must.  did not expect it to be so romantic.  once you get away from some of the touristy places (which isn't hard) - you'll find sweet little pockets of alleys/streets with ivy covered pubs and restaurants and just civilian living. good wine and alcohol in general there is so cheap too compared to what we're used to paying. anyway, our routine in prague was exploring during the day, then going "home" to change and go somewhere fancy to eat.

this is the old town square which houses the midevil astronomical clock.  the most intricate clock that will tell you the time, weather, your personality based on your name, etc.  it's nuts.

our last coffee before temporarily saying good-bye.



lunch after a long walking tour.


this is the charles bridge which connects the two different parts of prague (castle and old town)

one of the vendors on the bridge. we hung out near him to wait for the crowd to die down enough to take pictures, and ended up subtly observing him while he works.  he was so focused it was very endearing.





european playgrounds are a pretty good time. definitely not your typical slide, swings and monkey bars.



gigantic cathedral inside the castle property

the way folks begged pictured below was a common sighting. they'd kneel like this for hours on end, some well into the night it was so sad.



we got a surprise hike getting to one of the city central parks which warmed us up. he didn't last long in his tshirt though.

charles bridge on a sunday

there were these groups of locals that would break out in music and song. it was much fun to watch them sing in szech and have beers i had this weird inexplicable feeling of being left out and nostalgia at the same time. wes had to pry me away from them, lol.

john lennon wall

well, that concludes it folks. that was europe. we then flew home.  we both got pretty sick at the tail end of the trip but made the most out of it.  i'm sure i left tons out but this is the gist.  flying home i wrote down every detail of every day that i could remember (including which outfit i wore on which days) just to hold on to as much of it as i can. probably because i had tons of hours to kill, but anywhos.

experience of a lifetime. can't wait to do it again ;)

here's more of the castle and bamberg, and here's prague.

thanks for reading! ta ta


  1. yo!! it's me again! lolz!!

    ok, so, the ONLY picture i like it\s the airbaloon one... i mean WOW O_O
    i'm kidding, i like one other pic... but you're gonna have to guess which one!!!!

    i'm kidding again!!! hahahahahaHAHAHA
    ok, for real, all these are amazeb*lls. i am highly jealous of your trip, and prague was just put on my "to visit" list. do you mind giving me mike's friend's number, so i can set up our stay with him? thanks girlfriend.

    ps. i actually was trying to pin that airbaloon pic, but fer some reason i can't. says flickr doesn't allow pinning!! *.*

    1. Lol about the sixth comment from last post haha!!

      Dude Prague is legit:-) you have got to go!

      Also that sucks flickr won't let you pin from it :-/ Flickr doorachka